Outdoor Wooden Play Sink Unit

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Embark on a delightful journey of imaginative play with our specially designed Wooden Play Sink Unit, a wonderful addition to outdoor play spaces that promise endless adventures and joyous memories. Crafted for little ones who dare to dream big, this play unit transforms regular playtime into an extraordinary role-playing scenario, igniting children’s creativity and nurturing a rich imagination.

Harmonious with Nature Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Wooden Play Sink Unit effortlessly blends into outdoor environments thanks to its natural pine wood construction. This tastefully crafted unit embodies a warm and inviting natural look, setting a vibrant yet calming backdrop for children’s playtime adventures.

Safety and Durability Safety comes first with our play sink unit, built with non-toxic natural preservatives that ensure a safe play environment for your kids. The robust structure, accompanied by alloy-coated adjustable feet, offers enhanced stability and durability, standing tall through numerous play sessions.

Interactive Features for Engaging Play Engage your little ones with interactive knobs and dials that make inviting clicking sounds, offering a realistic and tactile experience that enhances role-play scenarios. Children can immerse themselves in imaginative play, fostering developmental skills such as hand-eye coordination and cognitive growth.

Easy Accessibility and Manoeuvrability With an open plan design, children can easily access their play tools and kitchenware, creating a space that encourages independence and organization skills. The unit is designed for easy manoeuvrability, allowing for hassle-free movement and setting up wherever your child’s imagination takes them.


  • Material: Pine Wood
  • Finish: Treated with non-toxic natural preservative
  • Size: H62 x W50 x D32.5cm
  • Features: Alloy coated adjustable feet, knobs and dials with clicking sounds
  • Easy to move and setup

Encourage creativity and make playtime a delightful affair with our Wooden Play Sink Unit, a durable and safe choice for nurturing your child’s imaginative spirit.

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