Original Sensory Tub

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The Original Sensory Tub is an ideal starter kit on which to build up your equipment base and resources.
Contains a wide selection of stimulation equipment that has been grouped under six different headings - tactile, weighted, vibration, visual, auditory and massage.
All these sensory products will encourage movement, hand-eye co-ordination, vocalisation, tracking skills and visual attention.
The sensory equipment within the Original Sensory Tub will also help communication skills, develop sensory awareness and promote relaxation.

Original Sensory Tub

  • Weighted Snake
  • 3 Twirling Sound Pipes
  • 3 Space Blankets
  • Softie Mirror set
  • Rain Maker
  • Vibrating cushion
  • Bell Ball
  • Storage Tub
  • Egg Shakers x 2
  • Light up Massager
  • 4 Animal Torches
  • Squidgy Sparkle Shapes
  • 3 x Water Snakes
  • Xylophone

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