Needle Hand Pump

SKU: L12-280118

Sale price£2.49


Introducing the Needle Hand Pump - your ultimate solution for effortless and accurate inflation! Designed with convenience in mind, this pump comes equipped with two caps, guaranteeing the perfect inflation every time.

With its needle tip, this pump is ideal for low volume inflation of various items that feature a rubber valve. Whether you need to inflate footballs, playground balls, or our very own Tactile Balls and balance cushions, this pump has got you covered. Say goodbye to over-inflation or under-inflation - with the Needle Hand Pump, you can achieve the optimal level of inflation with ease.

Not limited to just balls, this versatile pump is a must-have for inflating other items too. From peanut balls to exercise balls, this pump will ensure that your equipment is always properly inflated, maximizing their performance and longevity.

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