Nebula Light Lamp

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The Nebula Light Lamp features a whisked up cloud effect inside.
Switch it on and this Nebula Light Lamp mood light will illuminate as the liquid contents get stirred up into a flurry.
The result is a calming cloud-like effect that swirls around the inside.
The Nebula Light Lamp is truly mesmerising! Mood light with moving cloud-like contents Liquid stirred up to create moving effect

The Nebula Light Lamp is powered via USB or battery, this funkly cloud lamp style lamp produces a mesmerising effect, the cloud lamp contains a shimmery type liquid that swirls like clouds in the wind, and when the colour changing lights shine through and onto them, it creates a fantastic nebula effect.
As this Nebula Light Lamp has the option of being powered by battery, it could be used as a table decoration, or taken away on camping adventures and sleepovers!

Nebula Light Lamp

  • 25cm Tall x 8.5cm diameter
  • LEDs pulsate through a cloud of hues
  • Creates a mesmerising display
  • Requires 3 X AA batteries (not included)
  • Can also be run off a mains adaptor (USB cable included)
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries

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