My First Sensory Colour Mat

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The My First Sensory Colour Mat offers a stimulating and secure play environment for babies and young children. This mat and its accompanying bolsters serve multiple functions to support the development of your little ones.

My First Sensory Colour Mat Features:

  • Visually Stimulating Design: The black & white color scheme is specifically chosen to captivate babies' attention and stimulate their visual senses. These high-contrast colors are easier for a baby's developing vision to see and can be beneficial for visual and cognitive development.

  • Safety First: The mat comes with bolsters that not only provide extra comfort but also add an element of safety. These padded edges ensure that babies can explore and crawl around without the risk of rolling off.

  • Natural Material: The cover of the mat is made from a natural material, ensuring that it is gentle on the skin and safe for all ages. This is particularly beneficial for babies who have more sensitive skin.

  • Versatile Usage: While it's designed for very young children, its appeal is not limited to just one age group. Toddlers and older children can also enjoy the mat for a variety of floor activities.

  • Early Years Setting: This mat makes a stunning addition to nurseries, playrooms, or any early education environments. It provides a designated safe and stimulating area where children can explore and learn.

  • Encourages Floor Play: The cushiony comfort and the visual appeal of the mat encourage babies to crawl, roll, and explore, aiding their motor skill development.

The My First Sensory Colour Mat is more than just a play mat; it's an educational tool designed to enrich the early developmental stages of children. Its safety features, visual appeal, and comfortable design make it an ideal choice for any setting that aims to provide a comprehensive and enriching experience for young children.

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