Music therapy basics kit

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The Music therapy basics kit has been developed for the joy of music therapy play.
Each percussion instrument has been chosen to initiate responses from both sound and sight - ideal for the classroom or indeed a music therapy session.
Each Music therapy basics kit contains:

  • 1x Wave drum - Fish design 25cm
  • 1x Mini Rainbowmaker 20cm
  • 1x Yellow sparkle maracas - Pair
  • 1x Half moon tambourine
  • 1x Afuche cabasa mini
  • 1x Handbells 5 bells
  • 1x Coloured chime bar set with beaters - one octave
  • 1x Wrist bells pair
  • 1 x Red plastic wind whistler
  • 1 x Slap Djembe - pretuned (6 inch)
  • 1 x Slap Percussion lollipop drum
  • 1 x Percussion Plus 30 litre plastic storage box

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