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is an important part of social and emotional development, and Miss Face Cube makes it easy and enjoyable for children to learn.

The cube features different facial expressions on each side, allowing children to practice naming and recognizing emotions such as happy, sad, angry, surprised, and more. By simply rolling or tossing the cube, children can quickly identify different emotions and engage in discussions about how people may feel in certain situations.

Made from durable and child-safe materials, Miss Face Cube is perfect for small group activities or individual play. It can be used in classrooms, therapy sessions, or at home, providing an interactive and hands-on approach to emotional learning.

Children will have endless fun as they learn to identify and understand emotions with Miss Face Cube. By using this unique tool, parents, teachers, and therapists can help children develop empathy, emotional intelligence, and effective communication skills. Get ready to see your child's face light up with joy and knowledge as they explore the world of emotions with Miss Face Cube.
  • This delightful Miss Face Cube is an ideal resource for group work or one to one.
  • Naming facial features
  • Recognising emotions
  • Cube measures 20cm x20cm x 20cm.

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