Mirrored Magnetic Polydron

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Experience the magic of reflection and geometry with our innovative Mirrored Magnetic Polydron. Designed specifically for children, this remarkable set combines education and play, fostering the development of essential mathematical and personal skills.

Transform your learning environment into a sensory play haven, as children engage with the captivating properties of mirrors and magnetic pieces. This exciting sensory experience adds a whole new dimension to classroom learning, stimulating curiosity and encouraging the exploration of geometric concepts.

With the Mirrored Magnetic Polydron, children's imagination knows no bounds. The set inspires creativity, language development, and fine motor skills as children construct unique shapes and structures. Each piece is manufactured from high-grade ABS material, ensuring durability and longevity for extended play.

This set is compatible with all existing Magnetic Polydron sets, allowing children to integrate this exciting new addition into their current magnetic play materials. The included guide offers inspiration and ideas for building, empowering children to use their newfound skills to create even more intricate and imaginative designs.

Watch as children eagerly experiment with the Mirrored Magnetic Polydron, honing their problem-solving abilities and gaining a deeper understanding of geometry. From early learners to more advanced students, this set engages children across a wide range of ages and abilities.

Introduce children to the world of reflection and geometry with the fascinating Mirrored Magnetic Polydron. Enhance learning, spark creativity, and instill a love for discovery. This set promises hours of enjoyment and endless opportunities for growth and learning.
  • Immerse into a sensory play environment to add a whole new dimension to classroom learning
  • Inspire children's imagination, encourage language skills and motivate fine motor development
  • Manufactured from high grade ABS
  • Includes a guide for building inspiration
  • Compatible with all existing Magnetic Polydron sets

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