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Introducing the Mini Tuff Tray - Your Versatile Space-Saving Companion!
Discover endless possibilities and creative exploration with our Mini Tuff Tray, a compact version of our beloved classic. Measuring 70cm in diameter, it is the perfect solution for settings with limited space or smaller, more intimate group activities. Despite its smaller size, the Mini Tuff Tray still delivers big on functionality and fun!
Designed with convenience in mind, the Mini Tuff Tray is a portable and practical addition to any play area. Its sturdy and heavy-duty plastic construction ensures durability and longevity, standing up to the rigors of daily play and exploration. From early childhood education centers to homes, this tray is a versatile tool that adapts to any environment.

Unleash the boundless potential of the Mini Tuff Tray with a wide range of activities. Encourage tactile engagement and sensory development with exciting table-top explorations of sand, water, and malleable materials. Stimulate imaginative play with small world scenarios, where children can create their miniature worlds and let their creativity soar. Additionally, the tray is perfect for sorting and counting loose parts, promoting early math skills in a playful manner.
Thanks to its compact size and lightweight design, the Mini Tuff Tray can be easily moved and stored, making it a breeze to set up engaging activities wherever you go. Its versatility also makes it an excellent addition to your learning resources, stimulating children's cognitive, physical, and social development while keeping them entertained for hours on end.

The Mini Tuff Tray is not only a practical tool for educators but also a valuable aid for parents and caregivers who want to facilitate hands-on learning experiences at home. Let your child's curiosity run wild as they immerse themselves in the wonderful world of exploration and play.

Compact, durable, and brimming with potential, the Mini Tuff Tray is an essential addition to any learning environment. Unlock the wonders of creative play and education with this versatile tool. Order your Mini Tuff Tray today and watch young minds light up with joy and excitement!

  • Please note the colour of the tuff tray may vary.
  • Elasticated covers are also available to protect it from the elements if your Mini Tuff Tray lives outside or to keep activities safe and secure for children to come back to at a later stage.
  • Stock Code: LK881
  • Tray Size: L70 x W70cm.

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