Metal Counting Chips Tub Pk500

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Unlock a world of endless educational opportunities with the Metal Counting Chips Tub. These vibrant chips are not only an essential counting and sorting tool but also a gateway to exploring the intriguing phenomena of magnetism and the world of colours.


Colourful and Transparent Discs:
Engage with a spectrum of transparent chips, each encircled with a sleek metal rim. The vivid hues incite curiosity, enhancing learning experiences through visual stimulation.

Magnetic Appeal:
Designed with metal rims, each chip can interact with magnets, serving as a delightful tool to demonstrate the captivating world of magnetism to young minds, fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for the physical sciences.

Light Panel Compatibility:
Utilize these chips on a light panel to offer a multisensory approach to learning about colours. Observing the overlay of different colours encourages learners to experiment and discover new shades, promoting a rich understanding of colour theory.

Countless Learning Opportunities:
Supporting comprehensive learning, these chips facilitate counting and sorting activities that are foundational in building strong numeracy skills from a young age.


  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Pack Quantity: 500 pieces


Understanding the World - Magnetism:
Bring magnetic fields to life by creating a visual and tactile exploration environment, encouraging children to explore and understand the unseen forces that govern our world.

Maths - Counting & Sorting:
Lay the groundwork for mathematical mastery with these chips that offer countless opportunities for counting and sorting, building a strong foundation in numeracy.

Understanding the World - Colour:
Delve into the vibrant world of colours. Teach colour recognition, encourage artistic expression and foster an understanding of the basics of colour theory through playful interactions with these colourful chips.

Ideal For:

  • Schools
  • Learning Centres
  • Home Learning Environments

The Metal Counting Chips Tub is designed to spark curiosity and foster a love for learning through hands-on experiences. Whether it’s demonstrating the fundamentals of magnetism or exploring the beautiful world of colours, this tub is your go-to educational aid. Equip learners with a tool that is as fun as it is educational, and watch as they develop a rich understanding of the world around them, one colourful, magnetic chip at a time.

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