Mental Blox® Jr

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Mental Blox® Jr provides block-stacking play and point-of-view puzzles for pre-school children.
These Mental Blox® Jr have bold graphics and make-you-think challenges.
Activity cards provide examples of what to build and open-bottomed blocks allow for hiding of pieces in more complex puzzles.
The Mental Blox® Jr game includes a puzzle tray, eight puzzle pieces (four cubes, four shapes), 28 double-sided puzzle cards, and an activity guide.

Critical thinking challenges designed specifically with early learners in mind!

  • Colourful activity cards show a variety of different constructions
  • Children try to recreate the structures with the cubes and shapes
  • Point-of-view, 3D puzzles develop early critical thinking skills
  • Game play incorporates block-stacking play to strengthen hand-eye coordination
  • Game box includes:
    • Puzzle tray
    • Four colourful cubes
    • Four colourful shapes (heart, circle, pentagon and cross)
    • 28 challenge puzzle cards
  • Blocks feature friendly faces and colourful patterns
  • Cubes and shapes feature open bottoms, allowing for pieces to be hidden in more advanced challenges
  • Features multilingual packaging and activity guide

EYFS Reference:
Maths – Space, Shape & Measure:
Uses everyday language to talk about size and position to compare quantities and objects and to solve problems
Recognises, creates and describes patterns
Explores characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and uses mathematical language to describe them

Watch the Mental Blox® Jr in action

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