Medium Shape Fit Beanbag Floor Cushion 3 Pack

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Colour (3 supplied): Orange
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Colourful, comfy and versatile, our medium Shape-It Floor Cushions can be used in 6 different positions, though we are sure your class will find more! A versatile bean bag for flexible learning, use indoors, outdoors and shape in lots of ways.
A cosy spot for one or two children; these floor cushions are great for primary children of all ages.
The lightweight design makes transportation easy peasy for youngsters, use in your reading corner or create an outdoor learning area.
Students who spend time outside will feel refreshed and alert.
Our kid-friendly fabric is strong, durable, water resistant, UV resistant, wipe clean and machine washable.
Approx Dimensions (flat unfilled bag and will differ when filled) :

  • L122cm x W100cm

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