Measuring Spoons Set pk 6

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Introduce your little ones to the wonders of messy play and mathematical exploration with our Measuring Spoons set of 6. Made from durable plastic, these freestanding spoons are perfect for messy play activities.

With a range of sizes, these measuring spoons provide endless opportunities for children to experiment and discover. The set includes ⅛tsp (0.62ml), ¼tsp (1.25ml), ½tsp (2.5ml), 1tsp (5ml), 1½tsp (7.5ml), and 1tbsp (15ml) spoons, allowing children to learn about measurement in a hands-on and engaging way.

Not only do these measuring spoons support mathematical learning, but they also promote personal development through collaborative play. Children can work together to measure and mix various materials, enhancing their communication and teamwork skills.

Designed for children aged 18 months and above, our Measuring Spoons set is a fantastic addition to any messy play or educational setting. Encourage your little ones' curiosity and creativity while fostering their mathematical understanding and social skills.

  • Maths - measurement
  • Personal Development - collaborative play
  • Communication & Language - reasoning
  • Specification Pk6.
  • Age: Suitable from 18 months.

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