Maxi Arbour Bench

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The Maxi Arbour Bench is an excellent addition to any playground or outdoor space. Its design not only offers a comfortable seating option but also promotes social interaction among children and adults alike.
With the capacity to comfortably seat up to six individuals, this bench becomes an ideal platform for socializing, reading, and learning.
Whether it's a group of friends or a mix of children and adults, this bench provides ample space for everyone to gather and engage in meaningful conversations.

Additionally, the durable construction ensures long-lasting use, even in high-traffic areas. Enhance your playground setting with the Maxi Arbour Bench and create an environment where social interaction will flourish.

  • Delivery 4-6 weeks
  • Delivered fully Assembled
  • FSC Pressure Treated Redwood Timber
  • 10-year guarantee against wood rot and insect damage
  • Height: 164cm Width: 197cm Depth: 101.5cm

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