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This set of Magnetic Irregular Shapes is a versatile and educational tool for young children. With 104 magnetic pieces in vibrant colors, children can engage in hands-on exploration of different shapes and how they fit together.

This set is perfect for a variety of educational activities and 2D building play on magnetic boards and other metal surfaces. Children can easily manipulate the pieces and experiment with creating their own designs and patterns. They can explore concepts such as symmetry, spatial awareness, and problem-solving while having fun with this magnetic set.

The irregular shapes in this set add an extra element of creativity and challenge.
Children can experiment with creating unique designs by combining regular and irregular shapes, enhancing their imagination and artistic skills.

In addition to the sheer enjoyment of playing with these magnetic shapes, the educational benefits are numerous.
This set helps children learn about different geometric shapes, develop fine motor skills, and improve hand-eye coordination. It also encourages critical thinking and spatial reasoning as children figure out how to fit the pieces together.

Whether used in a classroom setting or at home, the Magnetic Irregular Shapes set is a valuable educational tool. Children will be engaged for hours as they explore the possibilities of shape manipulation and design. So, bring this set home and watch as your child's creativity and love for learning soar.
  • Set of 104 Magnetic Irregular Shapes

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