Light Up Sparkle Ball

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Each Light Up Sparkle Ball is made from a rubbery material and ideal for use as a stress ball and sensory toy.

The Light Up Sparkle Ball will keep fidgety fingers occupied with its unique textured and the ball also has a eye catching light up effect that children will love.

This ball is covered with small, glittering sparkles that are sure to catch the attention of those who come into contact with it. This makes it an ideal sensory tool for children who may benefit from a tactile experience in order to remain calm and focused.

In addition to its tactile attributes, the Light Up Sparkle Ball also has a built-in light that can be activated by a simple squeeze or bounce. This adds an extra layer of stimulation for children who enjoy visual effects and may help to keep them engaged and intrigued.

The Light Up Sparkle Ball is not just for children, though. Adults who are looking for a stress-relieving sensory toy will also appreciate the unique texture and light-up element. It is great for squeezing and releasing tension, or even as a distraction during long phone calls or meetings.

The Light Up Sparkle Ball is small enough to fit in a pocket, purse, or backpack, making it a portable and convenient sensory tool to take on-the-go. It is also durable and can withstand frequent use, ensuring that it provides a long-lasting and effective tactile experience.
Overall, the Light Up Sparkle Ball is a fun and functional sensory toy that can benefit both children and adults. Its rubbery texture, glittering sparkles, and light-up feature make it a unique and engaging tool for stress relief and sensory stimulation.

  • Measures approximately 6cm
  • Suitable for ages 3 years+

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