Light and Colour Grab and Go Kit

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The Light and Colour Grab and Go Kit is the ultimate tool for children to embark on a captivating journey of exploring and understanding the mesmerizing world of color and light. With an array of intriguing activities, this kit is specifically designed to not only engage young minds but also nurture their key developmental skills.

Packaged in a sturdy folding box, this kit is incredibly convenient and portable, allowing children to dive into sensory play anytime and anywhere. The compact design ensures it can be easily carried for playdates, family outings or long journeys.

Through a range of thoughtfully curated activities, children will have endless opportunities to engage their senses and unleash their creativity. Vibrantly colored light filters, mesmerizing kaleidoscopes, and prismatic glasses provide an exciting and immersive experience, as children of all ages learn and explore the magical impact of light on color perception.

By manipulating light and experimenting with various color combinations, kids can gain a deeper understanding of the science behind light and color, all while having a blast. This hands-on approach fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and cognitive skills, making learning an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Not only does this Grab and Go Kit entertain and educate, but it also promotes sensory development. The materials are carefully chosen to provide different textures, shapes, and sizes, stimulating tactile senses, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Your child will be captivated by the diversity of sensory experiences and will be motivated to explore and discover at their own pace.

The Light and Colour Grab and Go Kit is perfect for children of all ages, from toddlers discovering the world around them, to preschoolers and beyond. It not only guarantees hours of fun-filled play but also ensures cognitive and sensory development, making it an essential addition to any child's playtime repertoire

The Light and Colour Grab and Go Kit Typical Contents:

  • 1 x Set colour mixers
  • 8 x Polyester scarves
  • 1 x Colour spinning top
  • 1 x Convex/concave mirror pack
  • 1 x Set Squidgy Sparkle Circles
  • 3 x Wooden viewers
  • 4 x Sets pom poms

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