Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash Register

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Bring the world of commerce right into your home or classroom with the award-winning Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash Register.
This robust and interactive toy cash register not only fuels imaginative play but also serves as an excellent tool for introducing early maths skills.

Designed with children in mind, the Pretend & Play Cash Register features oversized buttons and a large digital display, making it simple and fun for little hands to operate. The register is unique in its solar-powered calculator, allowing children to practise maths without the need for batteries.

From counting coins to making change, this complete UK currency set offers children the ability to engage in hours of role-play while learning about money. The cash register also comes with a notepad for jotting down sales, a pretend credit card for swiping, and a cash drawer that chimes with the classic "cha-ching" sound. A comprehensive activity guide is included, providing parents and teachers with ideas to further extend the learning.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash Register Features:

  • Award-Winning Design: Recognised for its super-size and battery-free operation, setting it apart from competitors.

  • Solar-Powered Calculator: The integrated solar-powered calculator enhances early maths skills like addition and subtraction.

  • Interactive Money Components: Comes with 44 play money pieces, including notes and coins, to provide a realistic shopping experience.

  • User-Friendly Design: Large buttons and a clear digital display cater to younger learners, facilitating easier use.

  • Enhanced Learning: Encourages the development of early language and social skills through imaginative play.

  • "Cha-Ching" Sound: The cash drawer makes a satisfying sound when used, adding to the realism of the role-play experience.

  • Comprehensive Set: In addition to the cash register, the set includes a notepad, pretend credit card, and an activity guide.

  • Dimensions: The toy cash register measures 26cm W x 24cm L, ideal for tabletop play.

Ignite imaginations and educate young minds with the Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash Register. It's not just a toy; it's an invitation to explore, learn, and grow through play. Highly recommended for hours of educational role-play fun!

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