Lava Glitter Jelly Slime

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Introducing Lava Slime - the ultimate satisfaction for anyone seeking oozey, gooey fun! This extraordinary slime comes in uniquely designed lava lamp shaped bottles, adding an extra layer of excitement to your slimy indulgence. Choose from three mesmerizing textures that will surely captivate your senses.

First up, we have the Diamond Slime. As clear as crystal, this slime is enriched with an abundance of silver glitter, ensuring a dazzling sparkle that will leave you awe-struck. Watch as the glitter shimmers in the light, creating a mesmerizing effect that is truly captivating.

Next, we offer the Jelly Slime. Thicker in consistency, this slime boasts a vibrant array of colors, adding a burst of excitement to your tactile experience. What sets this slime apart is its inclusion of large glitter pieces, elevating its visual appeal and sensory delight.

Last but not least, our Metallic Slime takes centre stage with its alluring metal grey hue. Its oozing texture will tempt you to dive right in, providing an addictive experience that is hard to resist. Repeatedly feel the satisfying squeeze as the slime flows effortlessly through your fingers.

Not only are these slimes irresistibly soft and squidgy, but they are also reusable when stored in their unique lava lamp bottles. This feature ensures that your slimy adventures can continue time and time again. Simply seal the bottle and save your oozy treasure for another play session.

Lose yourself in the endless possibilities of squishy, oozing slime. From stress relief to hours of imaginative play, Lava Slime provides an experience that is truly out of this world. Get lost in the fascinating textures, revel in the endless tactile pleasure, and let your creativity run wild with Lava Slime!

  • Lava Slime
  • Choose from 3 different types; Jelly Slime, Diamond Slime or Metal Ooze
  • Soft, tactile play
  • Stored in individual lava lamp styled bottles
  • Size: 19cm (H) x 6cm diameter
  • Non toxic
  • Suitable for ages 3yrs+

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