Jumbo Slinky UV Spring

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The Jumbo Slinky UV Spring is a very popular tactile classic which is colourful and kids just love it.
This Jumbo Slinky UV Spring is just like the classic Slinky toy, only made from kid-friendly plastic instead! Plus, as the name suggests, it’s made with a beautiful array of colour and is HUGE.
Stack up the Jumbo Slinky UV Spring at the top of the stairs, tip it over, and watch it walk down stairs! Play with it between your hands or see what shapes it can stretch to! Children will have fun passing the spring from hand to hand by a back and forth movement.

  • Children and adults alike will appreciate its colourful visual effect and sound and we like to manipulate it to exercise coordination of gestures and lateralisation (left / right)! Also a decorative object that will bring a touch of colour to your child's room
  • The rainbow springy will provide children with hours of fun whilst developing their fine and gross motor skills.
  • A great addition to a classroom fidget box Helps to develop hand eye coordination Provides visual stimulation
  • Measures 10cm (H) x 10cm (D) approx unstretched

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