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Introducing the Jingle Stick, a magical instrument that will ignite your child's imagination! Crafted from solid wood, these delightful jingle sticks are not only visually appealing but also offer a real quality that ensures a safe sensory experience for your little ones.

With lots of small bells attached, the Jingle Stick produces a delightful jingling sound with every shake. Imagine the joy on your child's face as they create their own happy music and noise! The 12 metal jingle bells add a funky twist to the wooden stick, making it a truly unique and captivating instrument.

Designed with small hands in mind, the Jingle Stick is perfect for little ones to grip and explore. With very little effort required, children can easily experiment with sound, creating their own melodies and rhythms. Watch as their creativity and musical abilities flourish!

Not only is the Jingle Stick a fantastic toy for playtime, but it also offers educational benefits. By engaging in sensory play and exploring different sounds, children develop their auditory skills and enhance their cognitive abilities.

Whether your child is a budding musician or simply loves to make noise, the Jingle Stick is a must-have addition to their toy collection. Let their imagination soar as they discover the wonderful world of music with this enchanting instrument

  • Funky wooden bell sticks with 12 metal jingle bells attached to make lots of happy music and noise.
  • Perfect for small hands to grip.
  • Very little effort required and lots of fun and great to experiment with sound

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