Jibber Jabber Hammer Shaker

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Step into a world of hilarity and delightful sounds with the Jibber Jammer Hammer! Crafted in vibrant hues, this playful hammer isn't just a sight to behold. It's equipped to bring bursts of laughter to any setting.

With a cheerful smiley face adorning its surface, every shake or hammering motion results in an entertaining Jibber Jabber sound that's bound to capture the attention and curiosity of all, especially the young ones.

But the Jibber Jammer Hammer isn’t all fun and games. While kids revel in the amusing noises, they're also unknowingly honing their hand-eye coordination and grip skills.

Every motion with the hammer offers a rewarding sound, reinforcing their actions and encouraging them to play and explore further.

Available in a medley of assorted colors, each Jibber Jabber Hammer Shaker promises a unique experience while retaining the signature Jibber Jabber sound.

Whether it's for a gift or just a fun addition to the toy collection, the Jibber Jammer Hammer guarantees hours of giggles, growth, and groovy hammering!

Jibber Jabber Hammer Shaker

  • They just love to ‘jibber jabber’ this fun hammer for the funny rewarding noise it makes!
  • This Jibber Jabber Hammer is a wacky groan hammer
  • A colourful plastic hammer with a smiley face Promotes hand-eye co-ordination and grip skills in the young with a rewarding sound
  • They just love to jibber jabber this fun hammer
  • Supplied in assorted colours

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