Interactive Light & Sound Panel - Infinity

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The Interactive Light & Sound Panel - Infinity can be the main showcase in any sensory room.
With its calming LED lights lighting up your sensory space.
This special piece of sensory equipment uses an optical illusion through use of mirrors to give an effect of depth that calms and promotes visual stimulation to the user.
The Interactive Light & Sound Panel - Infinity is easy to install by placing the secure bracket on a suitable wall then simply hook on the panel.
Its strong, sturdy and utilises wall space that would otherwise be a blank space.
Low power consumption and no maintenance required makes this panel a must have in any sensory room.

  • Panel light and sound is a screen where multi coloured lights are located around the perimeter, lighting up in different modes depending on the perceived internal microphone and sound mode enabled on the remote control.
  • Through a system of mirrors it creates an infinite tunnel of lights.
  • Allows you to develop spatial perception and has a calming effect.
  • Recommended Age 3+
  • 82 x 72 x 13cm 

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