I Pop Sound Animals

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Introducing the IPop Sound Animals – a sensory delight where touch, sight, and sound come together in harmonious play.
A gentle squeeze on these squishy friends brings them to life, as their eyes amusingly bulge and they emit their characteristic animal sounds.

Witness the dog's enthusiastic bark, the cat's playful meow, or the frog's merry ribbit!

Every interaction with the IPop Sound Animals offers a multi-sensory experience, making it an excellent tool for children exploring the nuances of grip and fine motor skills. The toy's squishy texture encourages finger strength and dexterity, while the bulging eyes and resultant sounds provide immediate feedback. This combination seamlessly teaches the concept of cause and effect, as every squeeze results in a predictable and delightful response.

Whether you're aiming to engage your child's tactile senses or hoping to refine their hand strength and coordination, these animals are more than up to the task. Opt for a single design or bring home a variety to multiply the fun. And with batteries included, these animals are ready to entertain right out of the box.

Turn playtime into a sensory-rich adventure, and let your child discover the wonders of touch, visual cues, and auditory feedback with the IPop Sound Animals.

  • Squishy IPop Sound Animals Eyes bulge when squished
  • Makes appropriate animal noises
  • Cat, frog and dog designs available,
  • order more than one to receive a variety
  • Batteries included

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