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The Squishy I Pop Light Up Animals are not just your ordinary squishy toys.
These adorable creatures come to life when you give them a little squeeze.
Watch in amazement as their huge, bulging eyes light up, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.
But don't worry, when you let go of these squishy animals, their eyes will quickly pop right back into place. This unique feature adds an element of surprise and entertainment, delighting both children and adults alike.

With various designs available, including cats, frogs, and dogs, you can choose your favorite or collect them all. Each design has its own charm and character, making them irresistible companions for playtime or to display as cute decorations.

Not only are the I Pop Light Up Animals fun to interact with, but they also serve as a great cause and effect resource.
By squeezing and releasing them, children can learn about the relationship between their actions and the animals' reactions.
This educational aspect adds value to the playtime experience, making these toys both entertaining and beneficial for young minds.

Whether you are looking for a unique gift, a sensory toy, or a fun way to engage children in learning activities, these Squishy I Pop Light Up Animals are exactly what you need. Order more than one and receive a variety of designs, ensuring hours of squishy, light-up fun for everyone. Try them out today and see how these adorable creatures can bring joy and excitement to any playtime session.
  • The I Pop Light Up Animals act as a great cause and effect resource.
  • Squishy I Pop Light Up Animals
  • Eyes bulge when squished
  • Cat, frog and dog designs available, order more than one to receive a variety

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