Hero Rubber Ducks

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Dive into a world of excitement and imagination with our unique superhero ducks! Crafted to ignite boundless creativity and fun, these ducks are the epitome of tiny superheroes bringing massive joy. Whether it’s elevating bath time into an adventurous play session or adding flair to a themed party, they are designed to sprinkle joy in your little one's life.

Vibrant and Exciting Designs

Presented in a medley of vibrant colours including spirited red, refreshing green, deep blue, and mysterious black, our superhero ducks flaunt six different thrilling designs. Each duck wears a unique superhero outfit, designed to foster exciting stories and to fuel your little one's imagination to the fullest.

Perfect Party Favours

At approximately 5cm in size, these ducks are the perfect dimension to adorn party bags as unforgettable favours that bring a touch of whimsy and fun to any celebration. They're not just toys, but an instant hit, guaranteeing little smiles and joyful giggles.

Safety First

Safety is our utmost priority. These ducks are suitable for children right from birth. We ensure they adhere to the highest safety standards, just remember to remove the card and tag before gifting it to the young superheroes.

Mix of Designs

When you order more than one duck, we provide a handpicked mixture of the available designs, always ensuring a colourful and vibrant assortment that excites with every unveil. While they may vary slightly in colour and shape compared to the images shown, rest assured that each piece carries its own special charm.

Bath Time Becomes Fun Time

Transform bath time into a super fun adventure with our superhero ducks! Little ones will look forward to splashing alongside their hero companions, weaving tales of heroism in the bubbles.

Order Your Superhero Ducks Today

Gift your little ones not just a toy, but a superhero companion that evokes a world of imagination and joyful pla

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