Gummy Slime

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Introducing our delightful Gummy Slime, the perfect sensory toy for those seeking a slimy and squishy experience. Get ready to be captivated by its intriguing textures and the mesmerizing feel as it oozes through your fingers.

Our Gummy Slime is conveniently stored in a handy tin, ensuring its freshness is sealed in until the next playtime. With this thoughtful design, storing and preserving your Gummy Slime has never been easier.

Each set of Gummy Slime comes in a storage tin, and with three assorted colors to choose from, you'll have endless possibilities for tactile fun. Whether it be a squeezy stress-relieving session or a creative playtime, our Gummy Slime will be your ultimate companion.

Please note that one Gummy Slime color will be randomly chosen and supplied, adding an element of surprise to your sensory adventures.

Bring the enjoyable world of slimy sensations into your hands with our Gummy Slime. Order now and experience the joy of squishing and stretching this unique and addictive playtime essential!
  • Comes in storage tin
  • Three assorted colours,one supplied at random

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