Gummi Doh Ball

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The Gummi Doh Ball Stress ball is not your ordinary stress ball. Its unique squidgy and stretchy texture provides the ultimate stress-relieving experience. Made from high-quality materials, this brightly coloured ball is the perfect tool to help anyone unwind and relax.

Whether you're feeling overwhelmed at work or simply need a moment of relaxation, the Gummi Doh Ball is there to provide instant relief. Its irresistibly squeezy nature makes it a great source of fun while also helping to release tension.

Available in a variety of vibrant neon-inspired colours, each Gummi Doh Ball is supplied at random, adding an element of surprise to your stress relief routine. Collect them all and experience the joy of squeezing and stretching your way to a stress-free state.

Don't settle for ordinary stress balls when you can have the Gummi Doh Bal

  • Available in a variety of neon inspired colours,supplied at random.
  • Alternative stress ball
  • Squidgy and stretchy
  • Available in several neon colours, selected at random
  • 6.5cm Diameter

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