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The Good Job Reward Chart offers an innovative way to instill good habits and social skills in young children. Designed to be both educational and entertaining, this reward chart is an invaluable resource for parents looking to engage their kids in household chores and other important activities.

Features of the Good Job Reward Chart:


  • Task Selection: The chart is fully customisable, allowing parents to select chores that are appropriate for their child's age and skill set.

Track Progress:

  • Motivational Tiles: Comes with 84 printed magnetic tiles to help children track their daily activities and achievements.


  • Reward Box: Includes a designated space for storing small treats and toys to reward good behaviour.

Bonus Tracking:

  • Additional Good Behaviour: A separate section where parents can acknowledge and reward good behaviour that isn't necessarily related to the focused chores.

Material & Size:

  • Durable Plastic: The reward chart is made of a sturdy plastic material featuring a wipe-clean surface for repeated use.
  • Dimensions: The chart measures 34.5cm in width and 29.5cm in height.


  • Blank Magnets: Set includes six blank magnets for tasks that might be unique to your household.
  • Multi-Language: Features multilingual packaging and an activity guide, making it accessible for families from different linguistic backgrounds.

Topics Included:

  • Common Chores: Magnets feature everyday household chores like "Make the Bed," "Help with Dinner," and "Do Your Homework," among others.

The Good Job Reward Chart is not just a tool to encourage good behaviour; it's also a fun and interactive way for children to learn responsibility, accomplish daily tasks, and develop social skills, all while enjoying the rewards of their good actions.

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