Gonge Activity Rings

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The Gonge Activity Rings Set is such a versatile toy for children, and they will be encouraged to think creatively and come up with countless ideas for how to play – parents can join in to – why not turn a chair over and use the legs for a game of ring toss.
Eyes on the target, step, swing and follow through letting go of the ring.
The Gonge Activity Rings iSet s great for motor skills and co-ordination.
For older children you could provide a points system – 10 points for the top two legs and 5 points for the bottom two legs.
As your child improves step back to be further away from the target.
Such a simple toy provides numerous learning opportunities – from object control to manipulative skills (throwing, catching, rolling) through to hand eye co-ordination and balance.
Social skills are developed through collaboration and taking turns.
Encouraging your child to play will help develop self-esteem and confidence and they will love showing off their new found skills to siblings or friends.
Activity Rings appeal to children of all ages as they are a fun, safe, and open-ended toy.
They can be used as inspiration for countless activities such as catch, hoopla, dancing in a circle, walking on tiptoe, balancing on your head, juggling rings, throwing rings to each other etc.
  • Activity rings can be used in both spontaneous and structured activities, rhythmics and gymnastics and can be used for individual or group activities.
  • Lightweight but safe and sturdy with a rubber consistency which ensures years of play value.
  • Made from child safe and durable TPE rubber material.
  • Set of 6 Diameter: 164mm

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