Giant Polydron Gears

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Get ready to gear up for a construction adventure with the Giant Polydron Gears! This bumper construction set is specifically designed for nurseries, early years, kindergartens, and reception classes, making it a must-have addition to any early learning or special needs environment.
Building structures has never been easier as children assemble the easy-to-use squares and triangles included in this set. But the real excitement begins when the gears are added. Simply push them into place, and watch in amazement as they ingeniously mesh together both on a flat surface or at an angle of 90 degrees. Turn one gear, and behold as the rest of them start rotating, initiating a cascade of movement!

With 58 pieces (24 squares, 4 equilateral triangles, 10 gear squares, and 20 gears) in four vibrant colors, the Giant Polydron Gears offers endless possibilities for imaginative play and construction exploration.

Each square measures 21 x 21cm (8.27 x 8.27 inches), ensuring the large and chunky pieces are easy for children to handle and construct substantial models. Made from lightweight and durable materials, these pieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, encouraging children to explore, experiment, and build anywhere their imagination takes them.

The textured surfaces of the shapes provide a tactile experience, engaging multiple senses and enhancing the building experience. Inclusivity is also a priority, as this set includes braille for children with visual impairments, ensuring everyone can fully engage and participate in play and learning activities.

Beyond the fun and excitement, the Giant Polydron Gears also help children develop spatial awareness and understanding. As they connect the shapes and witness the gears in action, their cognitive abilities get a boost, promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, and engineering skills.

Connecting the pieces is simple and easy, allowing children to focus on their creativity and exploration rather than struggling with complicated assembly methods.

Gear up for endless fun and learning with the Giant Polydron Gears. Watch as children's imaginations come to life and their understanding of gears and spatial relationships expands in truly engaging ways.

  • Children create a structure by assembling the easy to use squares and triangles.
  • Gears are added by simply pushing them into place. They ingeniously mesh together either on a flat surface or at an angle of 90 degrees. Once connected, just turn one gear and see the rest of them rotate!
  • A must for all early years and special needs environments.
  • Contains 58 pieces (24 squares, 4 equilateral triangles, 10 gear squares and 20 gears) in 4 colours.
  • Squares measures 21 x 21cm (8.27 x 8.27 inches). The large and chunky pieces enable children to easily construct really large models.
  • Pieces are lightweight and durable.
  • Use indoors or outdoors.
  • Textured surfaces make the shapes very tactile.
  • Includes braille.
  • Helps children understand spatial awareness.
  • Connection is simple and easy to do.

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