Giant Emotions Fishing


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The Giant Emotions Fishing game is a delightful and interactive activity that brings the world of emotions to life. Designed to encourage conversations around emotions in a fun and engaging way, this game is perfect for children of all ages.

With Giant Emotions Fishing, children can hook the emotion-themed discs with their fishing rods and identify the emotion they have picked. Whether they catch a happy, sad, angry, upset, worried, or surprised expression, each disc represents a different emotion that can spark interesting discussions and reflections.
This game not only promotes emotional intelligence but also improves motor skills and develops hand-eye coordination. Children will have a blast as they aim to catch the discs, enhancing their dexterity and concentration skills in the process.

Giant Emotions Fishing is designed to be played collaboratively, allowing children to engage in cooperative play and work together to catch their desired emotions. Through this shared experience, they learn valuable social skills such as communication, empathy, and teamwork.

The set includes three of each expression (happy, sad, angry, upset, worried, and surprised) in three different skin tones, ensuring inclusivity and representation. Made from durable HDPE, the 18 discs are approximately 20cm long, providing a sturdy and long-lasting playtime experience. The fishing rods measure 72cm long, offering a comfortable grip for small hands.

Convenience is key with Giant Emotions Fishing, as the set comes with a storage bag to keep all components organized and easily accessible. This makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, as it can be easily transported and stored.

Overall, Giant Emotions Fishing is an educational and enjoyable game that combines learning and play. It helps children explore and understand emotions while simultaneously honing their motor and social skills. Get ready for an exciting fishing adventure full of emotions!

Giant Emotions Fishing

  • Let’s talk! This set encourages children to have conversations around emotions.
  • Children hook the discs with their fishing rods and identify the emotion they have picked!
  • Giant Emotions Fishing will improve motor skills, develop hand-eye co-ordination skills and encourage collaborative play.
  • Includes 3 of each expression (happy, sad, angry, upset, worried and surprised) in 3 skin tones.
  • The 18 discs are made from durable HDPE and are approximately 20cm long and the fishing rods are 72cm long.
  • Contains 18 discs, 2 fishing rods and a storage bag.

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