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Presenting our high-quality All-Round Sensory Exploration Play Pack, a meticulously curated collection featuring a plethora of sensory delights. This pack isn't just a set of playful items; it's a sensory adventure, filled with diverse textures and sounds, designed to stimulate, engage, and develop sensory skills.

🌈 Versatile Sensory Experience:

Whether you are in a school, an EYFS setting, or a traveling therapist, this pack offers a diverse range of sensory experiences, making it perfect for varying environments and needs.

🌟 Comprehensive Sensory Contents:

This value-packed set includes:

  • 6 Spider Balls: Explore the unique, webbed texture.
  • 6 Fleece Balls: Experience the soft, plush feel.
  • 4 Hedgehog Balls: Discover the stimulating, spiky surface.
  • 1 Balance Cushion: Challenge balance and coordination.
  • 8 Jingle Bands: Listen to the cheerful, jingling sounds.
  • 1 Transparent Jingling Ball (55cm): Observe and hear the jingle in motion.
  • 6 Blindfolds: Enhance focus on other senses by blocking out sight.
  • 1 Physio Activity Roll: Engage in rolling, balancing activities.
  • 2 Body Sox: Feel the snug, stretchy sensation.
  • 10 Feet & 10 Hand Floor Markers: Visual cues for placement and positioning.

🎁 Sensory Development & Fun:

This play pack is an ideal resource for those looking to encourage sensory development, offering a myriad of textures, sounds, and activities that are as educational as they are entertaining.

πŸ’Ό Portable Sensory Adventure:

The versatility of this pack makes it a splendid companion for therapists on the move, ensuring that a sensory exploration journey can be started anywhere, anytime.

🌿 Perfect for All Sensory Seekers:

Whether it's for a group of students, a therapy session, or personal use, this sensory play pack caters to all who are on a quest for sensory exploration and discovery.

🌺 Embark on a Journey of Sensory Discovery! 🌺

The All-Round Sensory Exploration Play Pack is more than just a set of sensory items; it's a vibrant world of textures, sounds, and experiences waiting to be explored and enjoyed. It’s a gift of sensory exploration and development, perfect for anyone keen on delving into the rich tapestry of sensory experiences!

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