GetSetGo with Playtime Pack D

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The GetSetGo with Playtime Pack D offers a comprehensive assortment of equipment aimed at boosting physical activity among students. This is an excellent way to achieve the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day and has benefits beyond physical health, including improving focus and overall mental well-being. Investing in quality equipment like this is also a great way to effectively use PE and Sport Premium funds, broadening opportunities for physical education and demonstrating positive impact.

GetSetGo with Playtime Pack D Items:

Bats and Rackets

  • 4 Junior Plastic Playbats: Suitable for a variety of bat-and-ball games, these are excellent for building hand-eye coordination and teamwork.

Aiming and Target

  • 12 Telephone Wire Quoits: These are fantastic for games that require precision and aim, helping to build concentration and dexterity.


  • 25 Spacemarkers: These can be used to outline game boundaries or create obstacle courses, encouraging strategic play and team collaboration.


  • 6 Engraving Balls: These are suitable for a range of activities that enhance agility and coordination skills.

Sensory and Soft Play

  • 12 Bean Bags: Perfect for tossing games that develop gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  • 12 Foam Sponge Balls (7cm): Soft and safe, these are ideal for indoor games or those that require less impact.

  • 6 Swirly Foam Balls: These unique balls add a fun twist to games and are good for developing grip and throwing skills.


  • 1 Junior Chest: A convenient storage solution that holds most of the items in the pack.

This versatile collection can play a vital role in making lunch and break times more active, ultimately contributing to healthier, happier, and more focused students.

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