GetSetGo with Playtime Pack B

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The GetSetGo Playtime Pack B offers a diverse range of play equipment, designed to engage children in various types of physical activities, making it an excellent choice for after-school programs or community events. The versatility of the equipment allows for a wide range of games and activities that can cater to different interests and skill levels. Here's a breakdown of the contents and their potential uses:

GetSetGo with Playtime Pack B Items

Throwing and Catching:

  • 8 Bean Bags: Perfect for games like cornhole or for simple throwing and catching exercises.
  • 4 Aeroballs: Great for hand-eye coordination.
  • 6 Perforated Balls (7cm): Good for a variety of ball games.

Aiming and Target:

  • 4 Telephone Wire Quoits: Useful for ring toss games.
  • 4 Frisbees (25cm): For Frisbee games or as flying targets.

Rolling and Bouncing:

  • 1 Soft Foam Die: Ideal for random selection in games or as a soft throwable object.
  • 1 Puffy Ball: Soft and easy to catch; great for younger children.
  • 4 Play Tennis Balls: Versatile for various ball games.

Spongy Fun:

  • 24 Foam Sponge Balls (7cm): Soft and safe for indoor play.
  • 12 Foam Sponge Balls (9cm, Yellow): Larger foam balls for different activities.

Rackets and Hitting:

  • 4 Short Tennis Rackets: Ideal for mini-tennis games or other racket sports.

Skipping and Hopping:

  • 12 Plastic Skipping Ropes with Handles: Great for skipping activities and challenges.


  • 4 Hula Hoops (45cm): Excellent for waist hooping or as ground markers.

Field Markers:

  • 16 Spacemarkers: Useful for marking boundaries or directing paths.


  • 1 Junior Chest: Convenient storage for all items except the hula hoops.

Educational and Developmental Benefits

  1. Physical Exercise: The pack offers varied options for cardiovascular activities.
  2. Motor Skills: Different games help in developing both fine and gross motor skills.
  3. Social Skills: Team-based games promote social interaction and teamwork.
  4. Cognitive Development: Games like cornhole or ring toss help in enhancing focus and aim.
  5. Versatility: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, providing maximum flexibility.
  6. Convenience: The Junior Chest helps in keeping the items organized and is easy to transport.

Please note, the contents may vary, but the pack is designed to offer a broad range of activities that will keep children engaged and active. Whether you are running an after-school program, organizing a community event, or just looking for a variety of games for a large group of kids, the GetSetGo Playtime Pack B has you covered.

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