GetSetGO with Little Ball Pack Set of 57

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The GetSetGO with Little Ball Pack Set of 57 offers an incredible array of balls designed for a variety of activities and games, making it an ideal choice for schools and early learning centres. The assortment not only enhances physical skills but also aids sensory development.

GetSetGO with Little Ball Pack Set of 57 Items:

General-Purpose Balls

  • 10 Perforated Balls (7cm): These are great for simple catch and toss games, suitable for smaller hands.

  • 12 Foam Sponge Balls (7cm): These soft balls are ideal for indoor use and less impact-intensive games.

Unique Designs

  • 6 Swirly Foam Balls: These provide a twist in ordinary ball games, helping to improve grip and throwing techniques.

  • 4 Engraving Balls (9.5cm): These balls are perfect for a range of activities aimed at improving agility and coordination.

  • 5 Neon Spongeballs (Sports Design) and 5 Neon Spongeballs (Face Design): These vibrant balls add a pop of colour and are ideal for thematic games.

Sensory Balls

  • 2 Sensory Touch Balls: These are specifically designed to stimulate sensory perception and are great for younger children.

  • 4 Porcupine Balls (8cm) and 4 Porcupine Balls (10cm): These balls offer a tactile experience and are perfect for sensory activities.

Reaction Balls

  • 2 Reaction Balls (7cm Red) and 2 Reaction Balls (10cm Blue): These balls are erratic in their movement, helping to improve reaction time and agility.

Storage and Additional Items

  • 1 Albion Duffle Bag: All the balls can be conveniently stored and transported in this durable bag.

  • 2 Wipe Clean Activity Sheets: These sheets provide ideas for games and activities, though they are not shown in the product image.

The GetSetGO with Little Ball Pack Set of 57 is an exceptional resource for encouraging active play, motor skill development, and sensory learning. It's a comprehensive package that offers excellent value and is perfect for a wide range of age groups and abilities.

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