GetSetGo with Indoor Activity Pack C Set of 20

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Introducing the GetSetGo Indoor Activity Pack C - a magnificent fusion of fun, learning, and physical activity all bundled into one comprehensive set. Crafted meticulously with 20 engaging components, this pack promises to transform ordinary indoor settings into exhilarating play arenas, ensuring kids stay active and entertained.

Dive into the Diverse Play Activities:

  • Horse Shoes Set: Perfect the art of aim with this classic game, offering both challenge and excitement.

  • Bowling Set: Strike down boredom! This mini bowling set is an excellent way to introduce children to the fundamentals of the sport while refining their hand-eye coordination.

  • Hula Hoops (45cm): With 8 vibrant hoops, children can swirl, dance, and wiggle, ensuring a hearty laugh while toning their muscles.

  • Oppy (45cm): Jump, hop, and balance with this versatile toy, a delightful way to test agility and coordination.

  • Ankle Skips: Twist, turn, and leap! These ankle skips promise endless fun while giving those calves and ankles a good workout.

  • Snakes & Ladders Mat: A delightful twist to the timeless board game – now more interactive and life-sized, ensuring both cerebral and physical engagement.

  • Frisbees: Glide into the world of aerodynamics with 2 lively frisbees, perfect for indoor disc play.

Why the GetSetGo Indoor Activity Pack C?

  • Holistic Development: This kit doesn't just offer play; it integrates motor skills enhancement, cognitive development, and physical exercise seamlessly.

  • Value for Money: 20 quality pieces ensure diverse play options without breaking the bank.

  • Adaptable Fun: While primarily designed for indoor use, many components encourage outdoor play, ensuring flexibility in play settings.

  • Safe & Durable: Crafted from child-safe materials, each item is built to withstand energetic play sessions.

Whether it's a rainy day, a weekend, or just an evening after school, the GetSetGo Indoor Activity Pack C ensures that playtime is always fun-filled, active, and enriching. It's not just a play kit; it's a passport to a world of imagination, learning, and physical well-being

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