GetSetGo Multi Activity Pack A

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The GetSetGo Multi Activity Pack is an extensive collection of equipment designed to encourage physical activity among children and enhance their motor skills, coordination, and overall well-being. Here's a breakdown of what this pack offers and how it can benefit educational institutions:

Components of the GetSetGo Multi Activity Pack A:

Ball Games Equipment:

  • 2 Albion Basketballs Size 3
  • 2 Albion Nylon Wound Footballs Size 4
  • 1 Vortex Foam Rugby Ball
  • 12 Tennis Balls Team Colours

Cricket Set:

  • 2 Complete Cricket Bats Size 4
  • 2 Complete Cricket Balls
  • 2 Complete Cricket Wickets

Miscellaneous Items:

  • 1 Stirrup Pump Metal Barrel (for inflating balls)
  • 6 PVC Multi-Coloured Bean Bags
  • 1 Oppy 55cm (a versatile ball)
  • 1 Play Hop (Pair)

Other Sports and Play Items:

  • 4 Junior Plastic Play Bats
  • 12 Foam Sponge Balls 7cm
  • 4 Foam Sponge Balls 20cm
  • 6 Swirly Foam Balls
  • 4 Play Balls 15cm
  • 2 Aeroballs
  • 4 Engraving Balls 9.5cm
  • 6 Neon Sponge Balls Sports Design
  • 6 Neon Sponge Balls Face Design
  • 3 Puffy Balls

Skipping Ropes:

  • 20 Plastic Skipping Ropes 7'
  • 3 Cotton Skipping Ropes with Wooden Handles

Sensory and Coordination:

  • 2 Sensory Touch Balls
  • 6 Multi Active Stones

Additional Items:

  • 2 Catch Pads
  • 2 Frisbees 25cm
  • 4 Telephone Wire Quoits
  • 4 Hula Hoops 45cm


  • 2 Albion Ball Sacks

Educational and Health Benefits:

Encourages Physical Activity:

  • A well-rounded selection of sports equipment encourages kids to be active, aiming to meet the daily 30-minute physical activity recommendation.

Enhances Motor Skills:

  • Items like bean bags, hoops, and skipping ropes aid in the development of gross motor skills.

Promotes Mental Well-Being:

  • Physical activity is linked to better focus and mental well-being, making this pack a holistic educational tool.


  • With equipment suitable for a wide range of activities, it allows for inclusive play, ensuring all children can participate in some form of physical activity.


  • Quality equipment can demonstrate sustainable use of PE and Sport Premium funds.

Suitable for Various Settings:

  • Excellent for after-school clubs, break time, or structured PE lessons.

Overall, the GetSetGo Multi Activity Pack offers a comprehensive and versatile collection of quality equipment, promoting physical and mental well-being among school-aged children. It's a valuable investment for any educational setting looking to enrich their physical education curriculum.a

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