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Give your hard-working hooves some serious TLC with Gelli Spa! It’s easier to set up than it is to book an actual pedicure.

Simply blow up the inflatable tray with your mouth and fill with water - don’t worry, there’s no huffing and puffing, even a child could blow this thing up.

Open up the Gelli Spa and simply pop the included powder into the water and watch it transform before your very eyes into soothing skin-safe Gelli and in moments you have your fully formed Gelli Spa.

Wait a few minutes then sink your feet into it and settle down for a long relaxing soak.

The Gelli may look pretty but this stain-free wonder-goo also softens hard-working heels, massages your soles and soothes your skin.

When you’ve finally had enough, cleaning it up is so easy.
Just pour the drain-safe Gelli down the toilet and flush it away - job done!
The Gelli Spa is a fantastic way to relax and also have tactile play time at the same time, perfect for adults and children alike.

Create your own ultimate spa treat with the Gelli Spa Pack

  • Ideal for Pamper Parties and Sleepovers! Colourful, tactile sensory spa-like experience – Comes with an Inflatable Foot Spa Tray
  • Contains 5 x 15g of Pink Gelli Powder, Massaging Marbles, Essential Oil and Pedicure Set Stain free, non toxic formula that is kind to the skin
  • When pampering is finished, Gelli is easy to dispose of and kind to the environment

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