Fresh Metal Emergency Force Playset

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 The Fresh Metal emergency vehicle playset is a thrilling addition to any young child's toy collection. This set features five diecast toys, each designed in the likeness of real-life emergency response vehicles. Included in the set are a police van, police truck, ambulance, and two police cars, all painted in eye-catching shades of blue and white with graphics depicting the brave men and women who serve as first responders.

But it's not just the toys themselves that make this playset so exciting – it also includes a variety of road accessories that help kids create a world of their own design. Dozens of cones, road signs, and barriers are included, perfect for setting up a realistic scene for playtime fun.

An official member of the Fresh Metal collection, this emergency vehicle playset is a must-have for any child who loves all things related to emergency response vehicles.

It's perfect for role-playing games, imaginative scenarios, or just hours of creative play. With this set, kids can explore the exciting world of first responders and learn about the crucial role they play in keeping our communities safe.

Fresh Metal Emergency Force Playset

  • Emergency vehicle playset
  • Part of the Fresh Metal collection
  • Includes five diecast vehicles
  • Police truck, van, cars and an ambulance
  • Cone, barrier and road sign accessories


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