Foot Floor Markers Pack of 10

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Introducing our vibrant Foot Shaped Floor Markers, a versatile set of 10 markers, designed to turn any space into an engaging and educational environment!
These aren’t just any markers; they’re a practical tool, perfect for setting up lively activity courses in gymnasiums, classrooms, or for aiding in maintaining social distancing in schools.

🌈 Versatile & Practical:

Ideal for creating dynamic activity courses and learning environments, these markers offer durable vulcanized construction and a non-slip surface finish, ensuring safety and longevity.

🌟 Educational & Engaging:

These markers are not only for physical activities but are also excellent for integrating cross-curriculum activities such as maths and movement, making learning multidimensional and fun.

🎁 What’s Inside the Set?

  • 10 Foot Shaped Floor Markers: Perfect for designing diverse and engaging courses.
  • Size: Each marker measures 19 x 7.5cm, making them easily visible and versatile.

🌿 Benefits & Uses:

  • Activity Courses Creation: Ideal for designing fun physical activities and challenges in various environments.
  • Educational Integration: Suitable for incorporating cross-curriculum activities and learning.
  • Social Distancing Aid: Assist in maintaining safe distances throughout school environments.
  • Non-Slip & Durable: Constructed with a focus on longevity and safety.

💚 Gift of Fun & Learning:

Recommended for ages 3+ years, these Foot Shaped Floor Markers are more than just practical tools; they’re a gateway to fun, learning, and creativity, making them a thoughtful gift for those eager to explore multifaceted learning and play.

🍃 Embark on a Journey of Creative Learning! 🍃

The Foot Shaped Floor Markers are a pathway to a world brimming with creative learning and playful experiences. Gift this versatile set and watch as it transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary learning environments filled with joy and exploration!

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