Flashing Rainbow windmill

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The flashing rainbow windmill spinner is a captivating colour changing light up windmill.
Designed to look like a Catherine wheel its sure to capture a child's attention with its fantastic array of sensory colours and patterns.
Watch the flashing rainbow spinner wand as it spins and creates a colourful illusion.
Watch the Flashing Rainbow windmill as its lighting colours and patterns change throughout use.
The Flashing Rainbow windmill is powered by a very simple on and off slide switch located on the side of the base.

Flashing Rainbow windmill

  • A fantastic product and very safe as the rainbow spinning wands blades are made of touch safe foam which means when a child touches the spin effect the wand will stop spinning.
  • The rainbow spinning wand is supplied with batteries and these can be replaced easily.
  • The rainbow spinning light wand is a fantastic addition to any dark room or dark den.
  • A fantastic resource for "Fix and follow" exercises such as can you follow the wand?
  • Also great when your needing an eye exam and your trying to get a child to look in one direction then this is perfect as it gives a colourful focus point.

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