Flashing Prism Ball

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The Flashing Prism Ball is a Twelve-pointed prism-shaped bouncy ball that flashes on impact.
Throw the peculiarly shaped Flashing Prism Ball and it will bounce in a random direction thanks to its angular shape.
As the Flashing Prism Ball bounces the LED core illuminates and flashes.
Throw it, Catch it, roll it.
Bounce it to activate internal flashing lights.
Use this Flashing Geo Ball for flexible massage & stimulation, hand & finger exercise, and throwing & catching skills.
  • The Flashing Prism Ball is an excellent sensory resource for children and adults with special needs, autism and sensory impairments.
  • Great therapy exerciser and aid.
  • Bouncy prism with twelve points
  • Light-up LED core
  • Flashes as it bounces
  • Batteries included 6.5cm

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