Flashing Dazzle Disco

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The amazing Light up disco baton has an easy to hold handle and at each end of the handle there is a spikey and squeezy textured ball.

The Flashing Dazzle Disco has a simple bump or touch option to activate the light up disco baton and watch as a colourful array of colours come to life bringing the disco to your sensory environment.

Watch as your child spins the light up Flashing Dazzle Disco around and creates a stunning visual light show with hardly any effort required.

Fun to use and even more fun to watch the spikey light up balls are highly tactile to touch as the balls are spikey and squeezy and textured so make a great item to explore with touch.

A fantastic addition to any sensory environment and look amazing in a dark sensory den.
The light up disco baton is great for:

  • Motor skills
  • Hand gripping skills
  • Eye focus tracking
  • Tactile awareness
  • Calming therapy

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