Flashing Candy Critters

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Grab one of these wiggly, jiggly Flashing Candy Critters for some energizing fun!
Each Flashing Candy Critters has tentacle-like legs and is made of tactile stretchy material.
The Flashing Candy Critters is a great sensory fidget toy that helps relieve stress for individuals with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.
This provides sensory and tactile input.
  • Flashing Candy Critters- Soft, squishy, stretchy fidget toy Rubbery texture and stretchy tentacles offer tactile stimulation
  • Ideal Fidget toy for those who like to fidget and fiddle
  • Great for relieving stress Helps to develop fine motor skills and hand strength
  • Diameter 12cm approx
  • Stretchy finger loop to bounce jellyfish up and down
  • Made from a stretchy rubber material
  • LED that flashes when hit against a hard surface

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