First play Parachute Early Years Pack

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The First play Parachute Early Years Pack is a comprehensive set designed to promote cooperative play, physical activity, and skill development among young children. Made with the same light nylon material used in real parachutes, these play parachutes are both durable and safe.

First play Parachute Early Years Pack Features:

Encourages Cooperative Play:

  • The parachute activities are designed for group participation and encourage non-competitive play, making them excellent for social skills like turn-taking and sharing.

Complete Package:

  • The pack comes complete with a rainbow-colored 5m parachute and various accessories, including balls and bean bags, to offer a wide range of game options.

Instructional Workbook:

  • An included full-color booklet guides you through various parachute games, broadening the scope of activities and learning possibilities.

Easy Storage:

  • Weighing in at approximately 5kg, the entire set can be easily stored in the accompanying storage sack, making it convenient for both indoor and outdoor play.

Contents of the First play Parachute Early Years Pack:

  • 20cm Playballs: 4 pieces for activities like bouncing or rolling on the parachute.
  • 45cm Playball: 1 piece for group activities that involve larger, more dynamic movements.
  • Workbook: 1 full-color booklet full of game ideas and instructions.
  • Turtle Bean Bags: 4 pieces for tossing and catching games.
  • 5m Parachute: 1 rainbow-colored parachute made of durable nylon with a central mesh hole and edge handles.
  • Storage Sack: 1 piece for convenient storage and transportation.
  • 20cm Bell Ball: 1 piece to add an auditory element to the games.
  • Frog Bean Bags: 4 pieces for themed games and activities.
  • 7cm Foam Balls: 10 pieces for additional game options involving rolling, tossing, and catching.

Developmental Benefits:

  • Social Skills: Activities foster teamwork, sharing, and turn-taking.
  • Physical Development: Games enhance coordination, balance, and gross motor skills.
  • Cognitive Skills: The varied activities stimulate problem-solving and strategic thinking.
  • Sensory Engagement: The tactile and auditory elements of the games stimulate the senses, enriching the learning experience.

The First play Parachute Early Years Pack is a perfect all-in-one solution for educators, caregivers, and parents looking for a way to combine fun and learning in a group setting.


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