First-play Multi Coloured Team Kit

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The First-play Multi Coloured Team Kit is a comprehensive and flexible set of quality activity equipment specifically designed to encourage skill development in younger children. The kit is packed with a variety of items that allow for an assortment of games and activities.

First-play Multi Coloured Team Kit Features:

Primary Colour Equipment Pack:

  • Comes in four primary colours that are vibrant and easy to distinguish, ideal for team-based activities.

Skill Development:

  • Focuses on enhancing children's fundamental motor and cognitive skills through play.


  • Made with strong and durable materials, this kit is built to withstand frequent use in various settings.

Weight and Storage:

  • The kit weighs approximately 10kg, making it reasonably portable, especially when you consider the wide array of equipment included.


  • 9cm Plastic Balls: 8 pieces for different ball games.
  • 15cm Soft Touch Balls: 4 pieces for softer impact games.
  • 20cm Soft Touch Balls: 4 pieces for team sports and activities.
  • Eurohoc Club Sticks: 4 pieces for playing floor hockey.
  • Team Bands: 8 pieces for easily dividing teams.
  • Space Markers: 24 pieces for marking areas or courses.
  • Bean Bags: 8 pieces for throwing and catching games.
  • Skipping Ropes: 8 pieces for individual or group rope skipping.
  • 7cm Zoft Balls: 8 pieces for softer ball games.
  • 60cm Flat Hoops: 4 pieces for agility games or as goals.
  • Tele Quoits: 4 pieces for target games.
  • Padder Bats: 4 pieces for paddle games.
  • TT Bats: 8 pieces for table tennis.

Developmental Benefits:

  • Motor Skills: The kit's variety helps in refining both gross and fine motor skills.
  • Cognitive Skills: The equipment can be used in games that involve strategy, counting, and decision-making.
  • Social Skills: Team-based activities encourage communication, cooperation, and fair play.
  • Physical Development: The various equipment types promote a wide range of movements, enhancing physical development.

The First-play Multi Coloured Team Kit is a fantastic resource for schools, child care centres, and community organisations looking to offer versatile and skill-building play options for young children.

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