First-play Multi Coloured Play kit


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The First-play Multi Coloured Play kit is an expansive set designed to promote skill development in children through a variety of games and activities. With over 80 pieces of high-quality equipment stored in a durable storage box, this kit is well-suited for schools, childcare centres, or even family gatherings where a variety of fun, educational activities are desired.

Key Features:

Variety of Games:

  • The kit offers numerous game options, ensuring that children remain engaged and entertained.

Bright and Attractive:

  • The equipment comes in bright colours, which are visually stimulating for children.

Quality and Safety:

  • The kit is made of quality materials and weighs approximately 9kg, ensuring it is both sturdy and portable.


  • The kit comes with a storage box and lid, making it easy to keep the pieces organized and transported.

First-play Multi Coloured Play kit Contents:

  • Markers and Cones: 8 Markers, 10 Number Cones
  • Balls: 1 Reactaball®, 1 8” bump ball, 1 Beanbag ball, 1 Rugby bump ball, 6 Fluff balls, 4 Airflow balls, 12 7cm foam balls, 6 Flat balls
  • Rackets and Skips: 4 Mini rackets, 4 Ankle skips
  • Miscellaneous: 6 Rainbow dice, 8 2.2m skipping ropes
  • Storage: 1 Storage box & lid

Developmental Benefits:

  • Physical Skills: Activities engage various motor skills, from fine hand movements to gross bodily motions.
  • Cognitive Development: The rainbow dice and numbered cones offer opportunities for number recognition, counting, and basic arithmetic exercises.
  • Coordination: Many of the activities, like skipping or using the mini rackets, enhance hand-eye and foot-eye coordination.
  • Social Skills: The kit is perfect for team-based activities, encouraging children to work together and improve their social interactions.

The First-play Multi Coloured Play kit is not just a collection of toys but a comprehensive set designed to encourage a rounded skill set, from physical coordination to cognitive development. It's an ideal resource for break and playtimes, both in educational settings and at home.

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