First play Maths Activity Chest

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The First play Math's Activity Chest is an innovative kit specifically designed to integrate maths learning with physical activity. This unique approach aims to make learning numeracy fun, engaging, and interactive, while also promoting physical fitness.

Key Features:

Learn Numeracy Through Play:

  • The kit's resources facilitate the understanding of mathematical concepts through interactive games and activities.

Versatile Learning Environments:

  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, this kit allows for flexible teaching methods.

Comprehensive Set:

  • With 52 pieces, this set offers various ways to explore maths concepts.

Weight and Storage:

  • Weighing approximately 8kg, the kit is relatively easy to transport and comes in a dedicated storage box for easy cleanup and organization.


  • 23cm Number Cones: 10 pieces for setting up numerical sequences or obstacle courses.
  • Sensory Numbers: 10 tactile numbers for sensory engagement.
  • Number Bean Bags: 10 pieces for throwing and sorting games that integrate numeracy.
  • Movement Cubes: 2 cubes with different movements/actions to perform, ideal for incorporating maths into physical activity.
  • Symbol Cards: 6 pieces for introducing mathematical symbols like plus, minus, etc.
  • 23cm Symbol Cones: 5 pieces for setting up equation-based games or activities.
  • Number Frisbee: 1 piece for flying disc games that include numerical elements.
  • 0-10 Number Line: 1 piece for understanding number sequencing and calculations.
  • Number Cards: 6 pieces for flashcard activities or games.
  • Giant Bead String: 1 piece for counting and arithmetic games.
  • Storage Box: 1 piece for easy storage and transportation of the kit.

Developmental Benefits:

  • Numeracy Skills: The kit's content supports the development of counting, sequencing, and basic arithmetic skills.
  • Physical Fitness: The physical aspect of the games helps improve children’s motor skills and general fitness levels.
  • Cognitive Development: The activities encourage problem-solving and logical thinking.
  • Social Skills: Team and partner activities promote communication and cooperative learning.

The First play Math's Activity Chest is a comprehensive solution for educators and parents looking to make maths learning more dynamic and engaging while also incorporating physical activity.

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