First Drum of Bricks

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The First Drum of Bricks is a versatile toy that provides a multitude of educational and developmental benefits, making it an excellent choice for young children.

Educational and Developmental Benefits:

  1. Shape and Colour Recognition: The assortment of coloured and shaped blocks offers an excellent way for children to learn about different shapes and colours, enhancing their cognitive development.

  2. Fine Motor Skills: The chunky design of these blocks is perfect for little hands, encouraging the development of fine motor skills as children grasp, stack, and manipulate the blocks.

  3. Hand/Eye Coordination: The act of stacking the blocks and slotting them through the shape-sorting lid helps improve hand/eye coordination.

  4. Creativity: The variety of blocks allows for endless possibilities in building structures, fueling children's imagination and creative skills.

  5. Tidying Up: The shape-sorting lid on the wooden storage tub adds a layer of fun to tidying up, encouraging children to develop good organizational habits early on.

Practical Features:

  1. Child-Friendly: The blocks are coloured with child-friendly paints, ensuring they are safe for young users.

  2. Storage: The wooden storage tub provides a convenient and organized way to store the blocks when not in use.

  3. Quality and Safety: Made from high-quality, responsibly sourced materials, the set conforms to current European safety standards, making it a safe and durable choice.

  4. Age Appropriate: Suitable for children aged 10 months and up, making it a great gift option for a first birthday or as an addition to an early learning environment.

  5. Large Pack Size: With 50 blocks, there are plenty of pieces for multiple children to play with at once, promoting social skills through shared play.

In summary, the First Drum of Bricks set offers a well-rounded play experience that blends educational and developmental benefits with safety and convenience. Its multifaceted design supports both individual and group play, encouraging children to learn, create, and grow.

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